Friday, April 8, 2011

It Can't Be

This is why I plan and dream about my escape,
This feeling, this pain and frustration.
I go from a perfect bliss, full of happiness and dreams,
To a deep pit of despair.
It’s not me, it can’t be.
I try to keep to my truth.
Stay strong, but then things happen and I get pulled down.
Are other people this way?
Do they feel this darkness?
Or am I again different, wrong.
How come, when I get into a situation, I make the wrong choices?
Am I broken?
Or just misplaced?
Was I put here in the wrong place, or was this place built wrong?
It's not me, it can't be.
I don't choose to be this way, honest and open.
I try to hide, to hide the way I feel, who I truly think I am.
And yet here I am, once again dreaming about my escape.

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